NEUVET202 Biochemistry II Mid-Term Exam (E-Exam)


  1. NEUVET202 Biochemistry II (English Group) Mid-Term Exam will be held in online supervised E-Exam format on 2019-2020 Spring semester Therefore, it will be 40% for the final grade.
  2. The exam will be held on Saturday April 25th, 2020, between 10:00 and 11:30. Exam duration is 40 minutes.
  3. The exam consists of a total of 24 questions, including 20 tests (T) and 4 classic/written format (C).
  4. Within the scope of the exam, “Vitamins and Coenzyme Functions (5 T, 1 C); Hormones (5 T, 1 C); Introduction to Metabolism (3T, 1C); Carbohydrate Metabolism (7 T, 1C)”.
  5. Each of the test questions is 4 points (20 * 4 = 80), each of the classic questions is 5 points (4 * 5 = 20): Total 100 points.
  6. E-exams will be recorded on Google Hangouts Meet. A link will be shared 10 minutes before the exam, and an attendant will be checked.
  7. You must be ready for the exam at the time announced to you. Students who are late for the exam after the first 10 minutes will not be accepted to the exam platform.
  8. You must take the e-exam with your ID card. Students without a photo ID will not be admitted to the examination session.
  9. For the exam, you need to share the camera, microphone and screen via Google Hangouts Meet.
  10. Before you start the exam, your identity information will be checked in a visual and verbal way. It is essential to provide a Google Hangouts Meet connection, such as 09:45, in order to start exam on time.
  11. Your screen movements will be tracked and recorded. You will be logged out of a different tab of the browser or suspicious transactions.
  12. During the e-exam, talking is forbidden, and your camera and microphone must be on. If your mic or camera is turned off, your exam will be invalid.
  13. infrastructure responsibility, such as web connection, is yours, and you will not be entitled to re-enter the exam platform when you leave the exam for any reason. So, your exam will be invalid.
  14. For situations other than those not mentioned here, the directives named “Procedures and Principles Regarding Distance Education in Near East University” and the provisions of “Measurement and Evaluation Guide in Distance Education” will be applied. Unfortunately, directives are in Turkish. You can try web translate services.

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