Information about 2020-2021 Spring Term…

February 21th, 2021

Dear Students,

As you know, our university starts the 2020-2021 Academic Year Spring Semester on Monday, February 22th, 2021. Our courses will be conducted within the scope of the education model previously announced by our university, as in the fall semester.

All courses have been opened on the UZEBIM platform and the Genius System. You need to select your courses on Genius with your advisors’ support, and then you should select the same approved courses from the UZEBİM platform.

The courses taught by the Department of Biochemistry in the 2020-2021 Spring semester will be carried out on the days and hours specified in the attached course and work schedule, including their codes and classrooms, in line with the following points.

    • NEUVET308 Physiopathology theoretical lectures will be conducted only on UZEBIM according to the distance learning model; It is an online course. Besides, laboratory practices will be done in a face-to-face format.
    • NEUVET- & VTT202, NEUVET- & VTE202 and LVS114 courses;
      • According to the educational model, lectures will be carried out in a face-to-face education model with students who will come to the campus. All the hygiene and social distance rules will be followed in the classroom.
      • Except for the face-to-face lecture hours, all other courses’ other elements will be conducted over UZEBİM.
      • Our lectures in the face-to-face classroom will be broadcast live on Google Meet if possible. Thus, students who will follow the lecture on UZEBIM will watch the lecture live during the lecture time.
      • The courses taught in the classroom will be recorded within the bounds of possibility, and the records will be uploaded to the UZEBİM course page for students who will follow the course on UZEBIM.
    • Introduction to Course” videos for each course has been prepared and uploaded to the course pages.
    • All assessment procedures will be carried out digitally only on UZEBİM, or other digital platforms we will determine. We will follow the principles specified in the course catalogues. Face to face evaluation is not going to be made.
    • We wish all our students good health and success in the new term.

Serkan SAYINER, DVM. PhD. Assist. Prof.

Head of the Department of Biochemistry and Animal Hospital Diagnostic Laboratory Chief

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