Veterinarians of the Future took their first steps into the profession by wearing their white coats.

Our students, who started their veterinary profession training at the Near East University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in the fall term of 2022, took their first steps into the profession by wearing their white coats.

In addition to the academic staff of our faculty, the precious families and loved ones of our students participate and showed their interest, which was held with enthusiasm. Thus, our students took an important step towards gaining a sense of belonging in terms of being a member of the Veterinary Medicine family, to be the new veterinarians.

At the ceremony, our dean Prof. Dr. Deniz Seyrek İntaş explained the importance of the white coat, which is the symbol of medicine, with her speech. prof. In his speech, D. Seyrek İntaş said, “The white coat is a symbol of medicine. While some subjects are taught with experiences and proofs, some subjects are expressed with symbols silently. The crescent and star in the Turkish Veterinary Medicine emblem symbolize Turkish Veterinary Medicine, the viper symbolizes health, and the burning torch symbolizes brightness and civilization. White color symbolizes purity and cleanliness perfection. Now, as the veterinarians of the future, you will promise the same purity and cleanliness by wearing your aprons and reading the current version of the Hippocratic oath 2,500 years ago. This apron will always be with you throughout your professional life. I believe that after graduating from Near East University, each of you will be a research-oriented, knowledgeable, confident, and successful physician. Welcome back to our island and our university.”.

After our dean, Melisa Ünal spoke on behalf of our students and said, “On behalf of all my fellow students, I promise that we will lend a helping hand to all animals, become active physicians with the work we will do, and undertake important duties in animal rights.”.

After the speeches, our students were dressed in aprons by our academicians, and we are glad that we were able to share in this joy.

After the process of putting on the aprons of all our students was completed, the professional oath was read and thus the first step into the profession was taken.

We congratulate our students and wish them success.

Edited on: 26 October 2022